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C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)
C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)
C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)
C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)
C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)
C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)

C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)

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Introducing our TRD / C's Hyrbid Short Stroke Shifter


1. The first C's shifter group buy was a success. Everyone loved the difference it made to the shifting experience, however some did not like how the lever sits more to the right. 

2. We have decided to adapt the double goose neck of the TRD shifter to the C's shifter while retaining the bottom fulcrum point of the C's shifter. (This way we can keep the shorter stroke). Unfortunately, the TRD shifter lacks the appropriate fulcrum length to achieve a shorter stroke.

3. We also lowered the shift knob placement to mimic the TRD height.

4. ONE piece construction. No screws or bolts holding the center ball to the shaft = No failure points! 

So basically this will be a TRD short shifter replica, with a C's shorter stroke shifter feel.



C’s Japan shifters has been long gone, discontinued and out of business. We took their original design and re-produced the shifter using modern technology and equipment  

The discontinued C’s shifter was the best shifter money could buy for the MR2 back in the days. It surpassed even the TRD.  Now, it is once again available!

C's was Japan's leader in short shifter design and technology. The exceptional detail and emphasis placed on product quality and performance has earned C's a reputation that is unmatched by any other shifters on the market. C's shifters are used by everyone from professional drivers to enthusiasts.

By altering the geometry of a the OEM shifter, we have  re-created the superior shifter design. With a shortened shift stroke, shifts are made quicker and more accurately, resulting in increased performance. These short shifters are designed with the right combination of angle, length, and bends to give your shifts a shorter stroke and the precision needed. Adding this short stroke shifter to your vehicle will not only result in increased performance, it will give your vehicle a more solid and precise feel



  • Full Stainless Steel 
  • One Piece construction
  • Designed for the Celica 6th and 7th Gen.
  • 40% reduction in stroke and throw (shortest throw available in the market)

What You Get:

  • Shifter Lever
  • New Bolts and Hardware
  • Solid Bushings (4x)
  • Pre-installed Pivot Cup Bushings (2x)
  • New snap on push nuts
  • Shift Boot Collar

Note: shifter cage shown is for photo purposes only. You will re-use your existing cage with this shifter kit  


  • 6th Gen Celica
  • 7th Gen Celica
  • **5th gen (with plastic shifter cage only)


NOTE: Since the shifter alters the stroke and throw to be a lot shorter, the cables will now hit the factory shifter cage. As a result, a slight trimming of the cage is needed for the shifter cable to clear the cage and move freely between shifts. (instructions provided)


 Add one of our popular weighted leather shift knob (5 or 6 speed) and save $$$ as a bundle discount

Further elevate your shifting feel by installing one of our weighted OEM style shift knob to the lever. Designed to meet the optimal weight required to assist in your ultimate shifting experience. You will experience smoother and faster shifts!


Got and old torn up shift boot? We got you covered. Replace them with our brand new leather shift boots. Just add as a bundle!

when adding a shift boot,  let us know if your celica is 6th or 7th gen under “notes”


For Installation Instructions: Click Here




Ask a Question
  • Do you have one for a rhd celica gt4 that has a slight bend toward the right? Or do all your short throw options come straight for lhd?

    Yes, our original version1 C's shifter has a bend towards the right. Check our other listing for the version1 C's kit.

  • Will it would on a gen 6 gt4.

    Yes. Gen6 GT4 uses the same shifter cage

  • Does this fit a ST185? 1990 GT4

    Yes, it fits 1990 celicas (Gen5)

  • Do i have to mod this to fit 5th gen celicas?

    No modding is needed. This kit works on the 5th Gen as well

  • Are these still available? C's / TRD "Hybrid" Short Stroke Shifter - Celica (6th & 7th Gen)

    Yes, they are available. Every shifter lever kits are made to order

  • Will this fit a gen 6 1.8 st liftback

    Yes! These will fit any 6 Gen Celica

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