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Superklasse TRD / C's Short Stroke Shifter Install Guide (sw20)

Short Shifter Install Guide courtesy of mr2beast (partial).

SW20 Specific guide. However, AW11 cars should be very similar.

Step 1:  Be sure that you have the proper tools ready. Phillips and flat head screw driver, ratchet wrench, extensions, and 12mm socket.

Step 2:  Unscrew the shift knob and remove the leather boot and plastic cover and metal shift boot base.

Step 3: Use a Phillips screw driver to remove all the screws holding the center console. Don't for get to remove the console box between the seats too if you have it. With the console out, you can now see the shifter mechanism.

Step 4:  Remove the nut on one shift cable and locking pin on the other shift cable to free them.  Remove the four bolts (12mm socket) holding the shifter plate to the car.  Remove the two bolts on the top and the two bolts on the bottom of the plate that hold the shift lever to the plate.

Step 5: Slide the shift lever and assembly out of the plate and move it to the work bench.

Step 6: Remove the round ring and snap clip from the plastic shift lever holder.  This part is cream colored and wraps around the ball at the lever base.  Pull the old shifter lever out of the plastic ball holder. Use a flat head screw driver to pry it out if needed.

Note: It is recommended to replace the plastic seat cup ball holder to a new one. Since the original one is already very old, brittle, and worn out.

Step 7:  Whether you re-use your old cup or purchase our new custom seat cup, put some new grease on the seat cup and on the shifter ball. (Grease is supplied with the kit)

(Keep note that our custom 2 piece design seat cup is far superior than the oem piece. It is strongly advice to purchase this part before installing your new C’s shifter lever)

Snap the new C's short stroke shifter lever into the plastic seat cup holder.

Step 8: If you purchased the optional solid bushings add-on, it is now time to install them. Skip this step if you did not purchase.

  • Using a flat head screw driver, pry the four metal clips from the shifter base plate assembly
  • Now pry the four old rubber bushings
  • Replace and install the new solid bushings (2 pieces) each corner of the base plate.



Step 9: Install the supplied drop plate between the top of the metal ball cup holder and the shifter base plate. (AW11 C’s short shifter users skip this step)

Reassemble the shift lever assembly to the shifter base plate using the 3 new longer bolts and washers supplied. You will need to re-use one factory bolt to clear the reverse (lower right side)


Step 10: Re-assemble the spring assembly to the lever.  Be sure that you spread the two wire spring arms so they fit on either side of the lever rod.

Step 11: Bolt the shifter assembly to the car. Attach the shifter cables. Replace the four large bolts. Check for proper feel and be sure the wire springs are working to return the lever back to the middle .

Step 12: Crank the car to be sure it goes into all the gears.  Replace all the console parts in reverse order.

Take the car for a spin and enjoy the drive!

Post Install Notes: During your first initial drive, you may feel that the shifting is tighter than before or does not come back to the neutral position. This is normal as we designed the pivot cups to be tighter. You will need to break it in and drive the car some more. The cups will eventually break in, and shifter positioning will come back to normal.

You would however feel the difference in the shorter stroke and throw from Day 1. Don;t be scared to bang through the gears! :)


Additional Notes:

If you currently have our Runabout shifter surround, the C’s will not fit due to the higher linkage. A small modification is needed for it to work. You have two options to choose from at this point in time:

1. DIY the mod to the runabout shifter surround . Email us and we will send you the template and instructions for the modification.  

2. Wait for the updated version specifically for the C’s. molds are being produced and the new shifter surround will be available some time late January.

We will be offering a trade in program for people who already has our runabout surround and want to change to the udpated surround trim. More details on this program to follow once they are ready. 

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