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Superklasse TRD / C's Short Stroke Shifter Install Guide (zzw30 & Celica)

Install guide for both C's and TRD/C's Hybrid Shifters

(Note: Celica users (Gen 5 6 7)  will have a similar installation process.  Remove your interior plastic trims and skip to Step 5.  Specific guide coming soon)

Or watch the install video on the bottom of this page.


Short Stroke Shifter Install Guide courtesy of spyd3rm0nk3 of spyderweb.net (partial)


Step 1: First, unscrew the shift knob


Step 2: Remove the screw at the rear of the console with a phillips-head screwdriver. Repeat this on the passenger side.

Now, remove the screw at the front of the console using a Right Angle phillips-head screwdriver. Leave the seat in the "forward" position for this.. You will have more room for the screw driver. Repeat this on the passenger side.


Step 3: Lift the console up and off. Go slow! You don't want to lift it too much because of the wires for the power windows.

Lay the console over on the drivers seat.


Step 4: Cut this piece of tape to give yourself a little more slack in the electric window wires. Be sure and replace it when you're finished.


Step 5: Use a hammer and punch to remove the front pin. Be sure to place the punch on the edge of the pin as it is hollow. If you place the punch in the center of the pin you will only expand it. Try to be delicate with this step.

Once you have the pin about half way out you can use pliers to pull it the rest of the way out.


Step 6: Pry off the push nut for the rear bolt. Use a knife to bend it just enough so that I could get a screwdriver in the space and pry it off.  A NEW push nut is supplied with the kit. It will be used in (step 11)

Now pull the bolt off. I just pulled it out and let the assembly hang to the side.


Step 7: Remove the shifter top cover. Then remove the shifter "O-ring" and gasket.


Step 8: Remove the four bolts that hold the shifter assembly to the chassis. Use a 12mm socket. If you're doing this on a stock shifter, you will have to remove the metal inserts and rubber grommets from the four bolt holes.

Turn the assembly up towards the drivers (left) side and remove the "cotter pin" which holds the shifter to the cable. It is a U shaped spring.

Once this is remove, you can now pull your shifter lever from the cage assembly.

Heres' a close-up of the pin. Slowly and gently pry one side of the pin out, down and around the bottom to remove.

Here's the factory rubbing bushing that you need to pry off and remove from the shifter cage assembly. To be replaced with the new set of solid bushings.


Step 9: Since the new shifter changes the stroke and throw, the cables will now hit the shifter cage. You will need to slightly trim and cut a part of the shifter cage "bridge" for the cables to clear and move freely. (marked in red)

The end result should look like this


Step 10: Lubricate the shifter ball and insert the new C's Lever into the shifter cage assembly.

Replace the "O-ring" and gasket. Then the shifter top cover

Step 11: Insert the new Solid bushings. They fit snuggly so you don't have to hold them. Do this for all four bolt holes.


Step 12: Replace the rear bolt for the shifter top cover. Use the new supplied push-nut to secure the bolt. Use a 10mm socket and place the push nut inside. Use the socket as leverage to push the nut in to the bolt

Another tip is to use a small screw driver or a punch together with a small precise hammer to tap it into place.


Step 13: Now use the supplied long bolt into the front of the shifter cover. This replaces the pin that you removed in step 5.

Screw and tighten with the supplied nut and washer.


Step 14: Put some grease inside the metal cup and attach the bottom ball to the shifter linkage. re-use the "U-shaped" spring to lock it in place


Step 15: Use the supplied longer M8 Bolts and washers to screw the shifter cage back to the chassis.


Step 16: Don't forget to replace the electrical tape that secures the wires for the electric windows.


Step 17: Put the console back in place and attach with the four screws. Screw on your shift knob and put the cap on... BAM! You now have a short stroke shifter installed! Enjoy and take your car for a spin!

Note: The Pivot bushings are designed to be initially tight upon installation. Drive the car as normal and they will loosen up over time.

For best shifting results, pair your new C's shifter with our weighted OEM style leather knob to Elevate your shifting experience even more.




For a more in depth installation guide, watch the full video from our client's youtube channel installs.

MR2 Spyder:




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