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C's Short Stroke Shifter Reproduction (AW11)
C's Short Stroke Shifter Reproduction (AW11)

C's Short Stroke Shifter Reproduction (AW11)

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The AW11 community has asked for this for a long time, and now we are making it a reality. Coming soon is our C's Short Stroke Shifter especially made for the AW11 platform.

Some will say "you can just use SW20" shifters.. Well that is incorrect! SW20 shifters have are designed differently don't really work well.


C’s Japan shifters has been long gone, discontinued and out of business. We took their original design,   fixed/enhanced some of its features and re-produced the shifter using modern technology and equipment  

The discontinued C’s shifter was the best shifter money could buy for the MR2 back in the days. It surpassed even the TRD.  Now, it is once again available! And specially custom made for the AW11.

C's was Japan's leader in short shifter design and technology. The exceptional detail and emphasis placed on product quality and performance has earned C's a reputation that is unmatched by any other shifters on the market. C's shifters are used by everyone from professional drivers to enthusiasts.

By altering the geometry of a the OEM shifter, we have  re-created the superior shifter design. With a shortened shift stroke, shifts are made quicker and more accurately, resulting in increased performance. These short shifters are designed with the right combination of angle, length, and bends to give your shifts a shorter stroke and the precision needed. Adding this short stroke shifter to your vehicle will not only result in increased performance, it will give your vehicle a more solid and precise feel



  • 35% Reductions in throw / stroke distance
  • Full 304 tainless Steel 
  • One Piece construction (NO welds like OEM and/or original C’s)
  • Designed for the AW11 (all years) (LHD or RHD)
  • Factory AW11 pistol grip shift knob can still be used

What You Get:

  • Shifter Lever
  • Drop Plate
  • Lever Side Pivot Cup Bushing
  • Grease lube


Optional Shifter Base Plate Bushings can be added for $10 (set of 8)

Further enhance your shifting feel by replacing the old and worn OEM rubber bushings. Our replacement bushings is an upgrade from OEM rubber. Guaranteed to have zero play, rattle, or squeaks. They will never rust, corrode or wear out for the full lifetime of your car. Hit two birds in one stone while installing the C's short shifter and the bushing kit. 


Optional Custom Shifter Lever Seat Cup Bushings can be added for $29

To fix any looseness and movement of the shifter ball, it is HIGHLY recommended to purchase a new Seat Cup Bushing. Your original one is over a decade old, and guaranteed to be loose and worn out. Purchasing our custom seat cup together with our shifter kit can save you money and a lot of time when installing your new shifter. Do it right and do it once! 


Add one of our weighted shift knob (5 or 6 speed) and save $$$ as a bundle discount

Further elevate your shifting feel by installing one of our weighted OEM style Runabout shift knob to the lever. Designed to meet the optimal weight required to assist in your ultimate shifting experience. You will experience smoother and faster shifts!





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  • Do you have short shifter is for a 2005 Toyota spider

    Here is the link for the MR2 (ZZW30) spiders shifter kit --> MR-S C's Short Shifter

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