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Recaro Lemans Confetti Fabric Material
Recaro Lemans Confetti Fabric Material
Recaro Lemans Confetti Fabric Material
Recaro Lemans Confetti Fabric Material

Recaro Lemans Confetti Fabric Material

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Recaro Lemans Confetti style fabric material for sale. Sold by the Yard
These are "reproduction" fabric. It is not real authentic fabric from Recaro which was made available in the 90s.

Each order will receive two (2) cuts of 36 inches x 19 inches (36"x19"). This size is perfect to recover one Seat only

If you need bigger sizes, contact us and we can set you up with a custom listing.
New stock. Limited supply available
Fabric Material Only. This is not a listing for full seats.
Listing is for fabric material to be used to re-upholster your old seats and can also used for other interior parts such as door panels, headliners, dash.


Ask a Question
  • I’m looking for the black cloth it’s for my recaro confetti seats I want to repair the shoulder side part bc my cat scratched it and now there’s a rip in it

    Yes, we do have the black side material. Email us directly to purchase this -> info@super-klasse.com

  • Hello! Im interrested in buying the Confetti material! I wonder how many cuts will i need to make both of my 180sx door panel?

    Hi! Assuming you will only cover the center parts of the door panel, you will need just 1 yard. It Should be enough to cover both fron door panels.

  • Hello, How much would it cost for the material to do 2 door cards and the ebrake handle fabric? I do we go about making a custom purchase?

    1 yard can do 2 door panels. Ebrake boot can be from an off cut. Email us directly to make the custom purchase.

  • Hello, How many yard should I buy to make two front seats (recaro) and the rear seats (center only like front) for a toyota supra mk4? Thanks

    You will need a total of 4 yards. 2 yards for the front seats, and 2 yards for the rears.

  • how many yard or feet of material do each seat require in just the confetti material, or is each strip enough for one seat?

    Each seat requires ONE yard of fabric. Each order will get you one yard enough to cover the middle sections (top and bottom) of the original seat.

  • Would the pre cut fit for the rear seat of an st205 celica?

    It really depends if you're doing just the middle sections or the entire seat. If middle sections only, then it should fit.

  • Need fabric to upholster both my door cards on my MR2. Not sure how much fabric I would need. Thank you! - Julian

    For both door cards, you will need 1 yard of material. 

  • Are these sizes just for the Recaro seats? Because I have 2 FR-S seats that I want to sew this into and am wondering how much I would need for them.

    These can be fitted on any seat..Not just recaros. Assuming you'll only do the middle sections of the seat. One yard should cover one seat.

  • Hi, how many yards should I buy if I'm looking to reupholster the rear seats (center only like the front seats) for a 02 WRX Wagon?

    You will need 2 yards to cover the rear seats (centers only)

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